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can i collect unemployment because the employer created a hostile work envionment because he thought i stole something due to the fact i am on state parole?

by Mike

My boss accused of me of stealing something and after answering questions from the police all day and they could not come up with any evidence at all linking me to the crime they threatened charge me a less crime when they say I road tested a customers car without the owner of the shops permission but i had the customers (and i have always done it that way in the past)to get me to admit to something i did not do and then they wanted me to take a lie detector test the next day so i never went back in i called my lawyer and he said you have cooperated enough dont take it, on the day i did that thery took my tools out of the shop and that was the last day i worked there can i collect UC because the employer created a hostile work envionment and threatened to have me charged with a lesser crime which was not true by the way if i dont confess. What are my options?

Hi Mike,

This is hardly a general unemployment question and this is not the appropriate place to ask for options because options equate to strategies and require a lot more information. But you can do so here.

Of course, you could always ask your attorney exactly how you will get unemployment benefits and if he'd be willing to represent you at any ensuing hearing. I think .. in Pennsylvania he cannot charge more than $300 for representing you at the hearing itself.

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