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Can I collect unemployment benefits if I quit my job in New York because the job requirements have changed

by lorraine

I am a single mother of two elementary school aged children. I am at my current job for 12 years and a very good employee. I was notified today that starting Dec 12,2009, I would be required to float from location to location within my city and work a larger variety of hours. I currently work a mixture of hours but the large majority is 9-2pm. Sometimes I will work until 9-5pm maybe once a week. I have to drop off my children and pick them up from school. When I work until 5pm I take my lunch break to pick them up. Sometimes I have to bring them back to work with me. I can not afford childcare. My boss is well aware of my situation. I explained that I couldn't do this new schedule. He explained this to his boss and she basically said to bad and I had no other choice. I feel that I shouldn't have to be forced into this. There are plenty of other people that I am sure are willing to be a float. I was not even asked if I would like to do this and they do not seem to be any bit flexible with me. If I do not quit and they fire me will I be eligible for unemployment as well?

Hi Lorraine,

As I understand it your primary objection is due to the care of your children.

Therefore, I suggest you read the appropriate section of the NY Unemployment Interpretation Index. I suggest section 1635. Be sure to read the decisions linked to.

It usually requires that we first try to make other arrangements when possible. You've already told the employer this is not going to work and why. Go a little further Lorraine .. if there's any possible solution that might work and you tried .. it can only add to your store of efforts made to avoid quitting for reasons attributable to the work.

You'll notice that the fact you are a single parent only helps you when you read the small amount of information in the link.

I hope your employer has a change of heart and does try to find someone else to float and you can continue to work a schedule that has worked for you, a single parent, with the overriding responsibility of two children to care for on your own.

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