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Can I collect unemployment benefits in NJ if I resign my job to take care of my father....

by Veronica
(Maryland Unemployment)

My father has been diagnosed with a rare disease that has left him paralyzed from the waist down. The doctors are unable to say if he will ever recover use of his legs, but have stressed that he needs to have aggressive and extensive PT and OT in order to increase his chances for recovery. This involves going back and forth between NJ and MD every 6 weeks as well as 5 days of PT and 2 days of OT a week in NJ. My father also needs help with daily activities around the house (changing, hygiene, etc). I was on Paid Family Leave for 6 weeks and I am currently on Unpaid Family Leave; which is 12 weeks. However, the doctors are telling me that it may take up to a year of this type of therapy for my father to see any results, if any at all. My job is stating that they will continue to hold my position open for my return, despite being unable to give an exact return to work date. I have found out that they have hired another individual in my place, but my employer keeps insisting that this person is a temp till I return. However, according to the new hire, she was offered a full time position and not a temp position. If I were to resign my position under my circumstances, would I be able to collect unemployment in NJ? Thank you for your time.

Veronica Olivera


Let me explain why your logic is all wrong. You're talking about quitting and doing so, based on hearsay and in contradiction to what the employer has told you.

Leave things be.

When it comes time to return to work and the employer can't put you back into the position (discharge without good cause if you remain in contact and keep your leave extended) .. or if all they have to offer as an alternative is some position that is not "suitable work" .. then look into getting unemployment.

Additionally, let's say you were able to show good cause for the quit. You couldn't collect anyway since it sounds like you have exhausted NJ temporary disability unemployment .. or whatever they call it ..

You would be relying on regular unemployment and an immutable condition of collecting regular UI benefits is .. You must be able and available for work .. and looking for it.

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