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Can I collect unemployment if fired for attendance in Connecticut?

by Lyn
(Niantic, Connecticut)

Can I collect unemployment if fired for attendance in Connecticut?

I got fired today for attendance from my job. I had been calling out sick and there was a family emergency with my brother. The place I worked had an attendance policy but never followed it. The first step was to be warned and I never saw the warning I never signed a paper they just decided to fire me. I always called out 4 to 5 hours before the start of the shift. I gave them enough time to find a replacement. I had been sick lately do to stress at work and at home the work stress was always working short never enough people and no one ever wanted to help me when I asked for help. The stress at home is from my brother being sick. Will I be able to win an unemployment claim?

Hi Lyn,

Since you live in CT and when it comes to unemployment and attendance .. a world unto itself .. I think you should first read the following.

After reading this and you still have questions let me know.

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by: Lyn

From reading that link I think I might have a good chance of winning it. I have another question it's about the same employer different issue. When I was hired at this job I signed a hire paper for 24 hours, 8 hour shifts. A few months into the job I was all of a sudden told that I was hired for 22.50 hours, 7.25 hour shifts. They never had me sign a paper when they changed it. Do I have an argument with that to?. Or were they allowed to just do that?.

I'm glad you read the information because the information you gave me about the final incident tells me your chances should be excellent .. and do not skimp on provinding documentation to the claims adjudicator to prove why you had to be absent.

As far as the other issue .. employers can pretty much do whatever they want to do and since the time has long since past when you should have addressed the change and since you did not quit your job .. it is irrelevant to an unemployment claim which is due to a discharge for unacceptable attendance.

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