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Can I collect unemployment if I had to quit my job in Florida to care for an ill family memeber in another state?

(Charlotte, NC)

I quit my job in June 2008, due to a family members illness and had to relocate to North Carolina. I have tried for 71/2 mos to find a job, but I have been unable to due the cut backs.

I feel that I should be able to collect like everyone else is doing. I didn't get fired I left on good terms and due to the situation it was out of my control. I'm still a resident of Florida, but leaving closer to my mother for the time.

Please let me know if there is anything I can do, I'm in a really bad situation the my bills and behind on my monthly bills. I really need to help in the situation and have no where else to turn.

Hi Jackie,

I do understand your dilemma, but you did not tell us if you have been denied unemployment by Florida, so I'm just going to give you some general information to think about.

Florida does not have a provision to their statute for quitting to care for a family member. They do have one for a "workers illness or disability". But this is not to say Florida would not find your circumstances without good cause. To understand how this works read this. (opens in new window)

Beyond the question of whether Florida will allow benefits for your reason for quitting is your base period. Florida uses the typical "first four of the last five COMPLETED QUARTERS TO determine whether you have qualifying wages for unemployment and your weekly benefit amount. They do not have an alternative or extended base period. They could if they wanted to, but they don't.

This means if you filed today 2/10/09, your base period would be 10/1/07 through 9/30/08. The wages you earned within that time frame will be used to see if you are monetarily eligible and if so, how much you will get per week.

Since you will have wages in at least two quarters they will be able to make a monetary determination, but Florida will also determine the duration of benefits, which in Florida can be anywhere from 9 to 26 weeks...depending on how the wages are distributed throughout your base period.

In addition, to show you had good cause for quitting...for your reason, the state will want to look at things like:

Did a medical doctor recommend you move to take care of your mother?

Were you entitled to FML protection of your job before you quit and did you try this first?

If your employer was not required to adhere to the Family Medical Leave Act, did you request a personal leave?

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Do i qualify for unemployment benefits if I quit my job due to relocating to another state?
by: Anonymous

Hello, my husband and I are in the process of buying our first home in another state (GA) we currently reside in FL., I am also 12 weeks pregnant and my Dr has me under high risk and bed rest. My husband and I should be making the move in the next 2-3 months as our baby is due in January. I've been at my job for 4 years, the job involves standing which I am not suppose to be doing, my husband and I figured I'd have to quit in another 2-3 months as I have a surgery scheduled for my baby. I am just curious if I would qualify for benefits? We are relocating because of our new house and my husband who's an over the road Truck driver who want to find a better paying job that doesn't take him out of town. plus the cost of living in GA is much much lower than FL. This plan to buy our home has been in the works for over 4 years, we didn't expect the baby but we're ecstatic nonetheless.I'm just worried with the baby, new house and me being out of commision for a while-- especially since I'm having a Cesarean birth as it's much safer for both baby and me. It'll be at least 8 weeks or more before I heal.


Quitting to move to another state is a reason for quitting I generally would not expect as flying well, in the State of Florida, or Georgia, because in general, it a personal reason to quit a job.

Even in states that do provide a path to benefits for this personal reason, require the claimant to prove that quitting their job, was of such a necessitous and compelling reason, that any reasonable person would also quit their job.

Which is just another way for me to say quitting for good cause, isn't the same as quitting with good cause enough to collect unemployment benefits.

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