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Can I collect unemployment if I have been fired for a complete change in job description and cutbacks in the department that I could see were coming

by Pamela
(Marco Island, FL, USA)

I I resigned very professionally and graciously because in a one-on-one meeting my boss strongly suggested that the University of Pennsylvania's Writing Program was changing drastically and that, not only was I never going to receive a promotion or benefits, but that layoffs were possible in the future, and my position at the university was very tenuous. She was very candid that I should seek stable employment with another university because she thought I was rightfully frustrated by the University of Pennsylvania's inability to provide me with full-time, benefitted work; and suggested that my position with UPenn was a dead-end job. And, in fact, soon after I left the university's Writing Program, most or all of my non-tenured colleagues were laid off.

Hi Pamela,

I'm confused by the discrepancy between the title you chose and the actual content of your story.

Since you stated you resigned, professionally and graciously, make no mistake, you quit.

In which state will you be filing for unemployment? It certainly makes a difference when it comes to Pennsylvania and Florida.

If it is Florida, I would say any effort to collect would be futile. Pennsylvania, on the other hand, has a statute that would make possible an argument for a "personal, compelling and necessitous reason for the quit.

In either case quitting in anticipation of a discharge is not good cause.

Whatever argument you may have would most likely lie in the fact that the "the job description completely changed".

If you had waited for the inevitable lay off, there would be no question about your ability to collect.

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