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Can I collect unemployment if I have been fired for a "Conflict of interest"

by Kathy
(Townsend, MA)

I was terminated from my position as an inside sales position because a co-worker that I am dating (an outside salesman) accepted a job with another company which is a competitor to our company. They said the reason they were letting me go was due to it being a conflict of interest and not anything to do with my work performance.

Hi Kathy,

Do you have an "employment contract" that you signed, which would make this something that even approaches a violation of the contract?

If not, this is not misconduct on your part.

It will be a sad day when an "at will employee", must conform their personal life to comply with an employer's demand to continue being employed and the state considers it to be misconduct .. which is a necessary element to prove a discharge is with good cause.

My short opinion is .. YES!

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