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Can I collect unemployment if I have been fired for being late

by Kelcie
(South Portland, ME)

I was fired from my employer (a national hair salon chain). I was 45 minutes late because of a lack of baby sitter. I have not had any verbal or written warnings. My boss told me due to company policy she could not give me a written copy of my reason for being fired. My boss had said I was late several times in the past but have never had a written or verbal warning. My personal guess is the shop was to be shut down in February for renovations and I would have been paid minimum wage. Now they don't need to pay me anything.

Hi Kelcie,

If you were fired for being late and you never received any written warnings there is a very good possibility you could collect unemployment.

Do you still have the employers handbook? Take a peek at the attendance policy and what can be expected if you are late. Attendance issues are usually are addressed by the progressive discipline policy. If an employer fails to follow the policy, it becomes much more difficult if not impossible for them to prove misconduct or sustain a denial due to misconduct.

Be very detailed when applying for benefits. The state will ask the employer to respond to what you have said.

Let us know how it goes.

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