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Can I collect unemployment if I have been fired for employee negligence?

by Anonymous

In December of 2008, a company bicycle that I was using during my shift was stolen. It was determined that since I had not locked the bike up, it was my negligence that was to blame, and the bike was never recovered. My employer demoted me from part-time supervisor, had me pay for the lost equipment out of my paycheck, and informed me that if any more company equipment was lost as a result of my negligence, I would be terminated, and had me sign a statement to that effect.

Later, in February of 2009, a magnetic detection device was lost by me towards the end of my shift. The device was recovered several days later, but it was determined that I was to be terminated due to continued negligence.


There is not a yes or no answer. It depends on the facts surrounding the negligence. Details do matter.

You need to read sections MC 300 and 310 of the CA eligibility guide

If you then have questions about what it says, post a comment to this page.

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