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Can I collect unemployment if I have been fired for missing 2 weeks of work in a month with some dr's excuses?

by Lauren
(Erie Pa )

I first started off with tonsilitus and a sinus infection, I did see my family dr two times for this, I missed a whole week of work over this, but had a dr's excuse for this week. I went back to work for days had two scheduled days off for going outta town for family reasons and then the day I was suppose to return I got the flu so I called in and left a message for being sick and I missed 4 more days being sick, I was in the hospital for a day, one excuse is from the ER dept and one from the regular dr, but two of those days, I didn't have an excuse. I did call in and left messages I was sick on the machine before business hours, and told them to call me and they never did call me either. If I get fired from all this, can I still collect unemployment? My boss really doesn't like me and neither does a few ppl so I think it is not going to be a good result from all this!! I am so upset over being sick this long.

Hi Lauren,

For what two days did you not have a dr's excuse during those last four days you were absent?

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Days with no excuses
by: Anonymous

The days that I did not have dr excuses of the last 4 days missed was the 1st two days, the last two days I did have excuses for. So can I still collect if I get fired for this time missed?


I rarely answer with a definitive yes or no.

Sickness is rarely looked at as misconduct, but it is not uncommon for a claimant to initially be denied if the information that would allow a finding of approval for benefits isn't explained to the state.

What you do have going for you is that if the employer decides to discharge you .. you followed the proper call-off procedures and I'm assuming here, but the illness you were experiencing the first two days for which you do not have dr's notes developed into such a serious illness as to be hospitalized for it. If the employer presents you with a termination notice .. be sure to counter document the reason you think they have erred in terminating you. It's doubtful the employer will have the reason for the absence anywhere on that form.

It's okay to sign a piece of paper from an employer, but if you do not agree with it .. COUNTER DOCUMENT. Otherwise just signing appears as if you agreed.

Some states will actually look at your entire attendance record .. and the fact is some states are more strict, but PA .. I generally consider to be more liberal toward claimants with their findings.

Your goal is to keep the focus on the fact that other than the two scheduled days off for personal reasons, the rest of your absences were beyond your control because you were ill and ultimately led to your hospitalization. It's not written anywhere that each instance of being sick needs to be verified by a doctor. The cost could be prohibitive.

The fact is you informed the employer you were sick and this is verified by the excuses for the last two days.

I can rarely give yes or no answers because every situation can be different and affected by information I'm not aware of. But I can say that if a person is discharged for attendance and the final incident is due to illness ... and the employee followed all the call-off procedures .. my money's on the claimant.

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