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can i collect unemployment if i have been fired for missing a meeting?

by william
(delbarton W.VA USA)

ok I got fired for missing a meeting. i didn't wake up until two hours after the meeting started. and our meetings only last for an hour at the most. I talked to the big boss and and he said that I should have been there and I told him why, but he just ignored me.

I told him that another worker missed the meeting too, but he said he works night shifts so it didn't matter that he missed it. The other worker that works night shift with the worker that missed the meeting was there and she made it right on time. So I think its not fair.

Hi William,

William, have you ever been written up for tardiness or any type of attendance issue before?

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by: william

no, never once had i goten a write up for being late, i have for not finishing my list but that was when i first worked there. but none since i came back.

Okay William, grab your employee handbook and take a look at the policy for attendance. What does it say you should expect from the employer when the rule you broke is broken?

If the employer has not followed their own policy this should be your focus as the reason to support your argument that you were fired without good cause (according to their very own rules).

Employee handbooks should be a claimants very first stop when looking for an valid reason for the state to allow you benefits .. or in the case of an appeal a valid reason for the ALJ not to sustain in favor of the employer.

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