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Can I collect unemployment if I have been fired for not making 80% in all of my sales quotas?

by Anonymous

I was recently fired for only making 79% of the 80% required to make the sales quota matrixs. I filed for unemployment it took 32 days for them to review my cases now after processing my claim they say they will make a decision in 14 more days then I can file an appeal. I worked there for about a year and the store was properly staffed when I first started but because of an inexperieced manager and his inability to control overtime and his favoritism toward part-time workers who he let work more than full-time it became harder to make quota especially in the tough economy. I do not know what course of action to take next,can you give some advise?

Hi Anonymous,

First, wait for the determination. You have stated your case very well here, if an appeal is necessary. It addresses the reasons you were unable to attain the quota.

It would have been nice to know what state you're in. I ask for that information not only because I then know if I can find a definitive answer, but because different states are simply stricter when applying basically, the same standards.

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