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can i collect unemployment if i have been fired for not meeting sales goal

by Joseph

I am in a commission sales job where the pay structure has changed so much in the 1 year.

I have been here from a draw system to a 10.00 safety net and back to a draw, but when I was hired I was promised an average of 25 qualified leads a week to hit my $3500.00 goal.

Now a year goes by and they have been restructuring the company all over the place.

The whole floor's lead flow is down to like 12 or 13 leads a week.

I was out a couple weeks the past month for personal issues, but i used my pto for 1 week and called out the second.

The boss pulls me into the office and says I'm not reaching the goals set, going by my 4 week average. Now bare in mind before my issues I was a 4500 and 5000 writer now they wanna fire me. I have nothing to work and there's no leads.

If I get fired can I collect unemployment I mean I could use the money I have my son by myself plz give me a answer

Hi Joseph,

If you want an answer as to my opinion about whether you might be able to collect, you'll have to answer some questions for me.

Were you issued an employee handbook?

What policies might apply to your current problem .. including the attendance policy?

Did you receive a performance review and if you did .. Did you document the reasons that support why you are unable to attain goals and it's because of the actions of the employer. That it is they who have undermined your ability .. including the fact that the employer is using a four week period of which you were gone two weeks to support the validity that you are under-performing?

Have you saved all the notices of the changes made?

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