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Can I collect unemployment if I have been fired for the company going in another direction? Part 2

by NC

I submited a question earlier today and left out a few details I meant to include.

In the original question I stated I had been terminated with no notice or reason to believe it was coming. The employer called and told me the company was going in another direction and I would not be included.

The information I intended to include is:

I have been at this job for 4 weeks, from 3/14/09 - 4/9/09.

Previously I worked for an office from 2/2/09 - 3/10/09 plus a working interview on 1/20/09 & 1/21/09. Tax deductions were taken out of my first pay check for the working interview. Does this make my start date 1/20/09 or 2/2/09? (I did not file for unemployment).

Prior to that I worked for a company out of state before relocating to Florida. My last day there was 10/07/08. (I did not apply for unemployment).

Does this information have any bearing on my eligibility?

Thank you.

Hi NC,

I glad you came back and updated with this information.

This was my response to your first submission with which there was some kind of error.

Hi NC,

Just be upfront and completely honest. This is not a discharge for good cause and you should not be denied unemployment.

But because you only worked at this job for four weeks, whether you will have enough wages in your base period to qualify will also depend on the job you had prior to this one and why you are no longer there. If you were laid off .. there should be no problem, but if you quit or were fired .. then possibly.

This is because for a person to get rid of the disqualification for a voluntary quit in Florida
you have to return to work and earn at least 17 times your weekly benefit amount. If you were fired, it's both .. 17 weeks and you must earn 17 times your WBA to requalify.

One of my concerns were whether you had qualifying wages .. which you do.

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