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Can I collect unemployment if I have been fired for

Unauthorized access to patient's files. A patient's information was accessed and used to try to obtain credit. I left my medical screen up, and someone went under my name and obtained this information. The patient called and complained, and an investigation was yielded, ultimately ending with my termination.


Did the investigation yield any information besides what you're saying .. that you left your computer with a patient record unsecured?

Were your fired for accessing unauthorized records or failing to adhere to an employer rule which is meant to keep the employer in compliance with HIPPA?

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by: Anonymous

can I get unemployment benefits if I accidentally violate Hippa.

Hi Anonymous,

Given the details you have revealed .. how could I possibly form an opinion?

You admit to violating Hippa.

Why you believe it was accidental is where a potential argument for benefits would lie.

Re: Can I collect uemployment if I have been fired
by: Anonymous

Does you company have a policy that states you are responsible for having your terminal and pass code secure at all times? My employer used that one in my initial appeal but I argued the employer as well as co-workers including alternates have my pass code. I have a hearing this Thursday regarding my appeal and I hope all goes well. I have an attorney but I have provided all documentation as well as subpoenaed my witnesses and I never throw away any paper work. My attorney says I have pretty much proven my case and he doubts very seriously that the outcome will be in the employers favor. I am just wondering if they will be able to give me a decision on the same day. (Ohio)

Hi, this is Chris the wannabe webmaster. Good advice .. never throw away any paperwork:) It usually takes 7 to 10 days to get a decision, but it very well could be less or more by a few days.

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