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can i collect unemployment if i have been fired..

by sharon
(portland, oregon, usa)

This is my story..

I work with my best friend and recently she hurt her back in a car accident. I already have bad back problems and am prescribed medication for this condition. I have, at times, given her some of my prescription meds to help her back. In return she's taken me to lunch for helping her out. One of our co workers who does not like us at all, told HR that i am selling prescription medications to another employee on work premises. This is not true. We have now been called in to hr and are being investigated for inappropriate action while on work property. There are several people in my department who have exchanged meds or given someone a pill for their headache. i never thought this was a big deal. Now i have a meeting tomorrow to discuss my termination or i have the right to resign. Will i be able to collect unemployment? can i negotiate this when i speak with them tomorrow?

Hi Sharon,

You can try. What about the friend who supposedly bought the meds? Is she being fired? Has she spoke to HR on your behalf? What were the conclusions of the investigation?

By the way, if you do opt to quit, it is a quit in lieu of discharge which is considered a discharge by the state. This is also called a constructive discharge.

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