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Can I collect Unemployment if I have been fired.

(Bronx, N.Y.)

My doctor put me out on disabiltiy for anxiety and depression...I was also suffering from daily panick attacks...I started to see a therapist weelky who also put me out on disabiltiy...I was taking medication as well for the depression...My disability and FMLA was denied although I had three doctors that put me out of work...I filed an appeal and was still denied...My job decided to fire me...Do I qualify for unemployment

Hi Lisa,

You wouldn't qualify for regular UI benefits, because you aren't able and available for work.

If I were you I'd want to know why I was denied disability and FMLA since you have three doctors who have said your condition is a disability .. It doesn't make sense .. unless you've used it already.

Don't fool around .. contact a lawyer.

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