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Can I collect unemployment if I I have been fired from a grocery store for time theft? - New Jersery

by Anonymous

One Sunday I went into work 10 minutes late, but got an important phone call and didn't actually start working until 30 minutes after I punched in.

A nosy employee noticed that I was on the phone and went to check the schedule to see if I was suppose to be working. She ended up telling the manager that I was on the phone instead of being at work. The manager said he had no choice but to fire me since people found out. He said it was basically stealing company time I know people have that before and have gotten a suspension, but I unluckily got fired. He said the best he could do was that if I ever needed a reference he would say I got fired because they were over staffed.

So I don't know what to tell unemployment when they call me for the interview process.

Hi Anonymous,

You tell them the truth. If you don't you run the risk of screwing it up from the beginning by a "misrepresentation of fact" and if (and I'll bet they do) the employer responds with the truth, you will appear to have lied, which would be fact.

So, I need to ask you a question or three. Have you ever been warned for anything before? What does the employer's handbook say is the policy for progressive discipline for this type of rule violation, if any? How important was that phone call?

If you'd care to let me know these things I'll be happy to let you know what I think.

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