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can i collect unemployment if i only worked 20 hrs a week? or for getting fired for giving someone my employ discount?

i was working in a fast food place and i just recently got fired for giving my friend my employee discount. ive never been written up before and they said i went against store policy and didnt write me up just fired me. i had kinda a weird schedule and only got 20 hours a week.

Hi Anonymous,

You were fired for misconduct. I'll bet if you look at the employee handbook, you will find the rule about employee discounts and I'll bet that a violation of the employee discount rules doesn't require warnings, but says a violation could result in immediate termination.

It's a reasonable rule .. otherwise the employer could stand to lose a lot of money if you could give your discount to everyone you know.

Time that by all the employees and it adds up fast. You were generous with something that didn't belong to you.

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