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can i collect unemployment if i quit a job due to stress, PA

I was recently on temporary unemployment with no date of return because the company I worked for restructured. About 3 wks later they called me and offered me a different job. Initially I declined because it was a position I had previously that was very stressful. I then called back to accept their offer hoping things would be different and get back to work without any lapse. Well 3 months into it the job is still very stressful and I've had to go to the Dr. for chest pains. I want to know what my rights are. Should I contact HR to find out if I quit can I have my unemployment reinstated.

Hi Anonymous,

No, I wouldn't contact them to see if I can quit and have my unemployment reinstated .. they don't decide whether your unemployment is reinstated .. the state does .. employer's protest unemployment.

But I would present medical documentation to the employer from your doctor if it recommends alleviating the stress due to the chest pains.

You first must try to preserve the job by giving the employer opportunity to accommodate medical advice. This puts the ball in their court.


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