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Can I collect unemployment if I quit do to mental illness that caused me to quit my job?

by Michael
(Portland, OR)

I became very depressed a few months ago, and got to the point where I could barely function at work. I couldn't perform my duties, so I quit after the owners made a deal with me -- I resign (due to "medical reasons") and they'll give me a severance check. I started with outpatient therapy for 3 weeks, and then was admitted to a mental health facility when I got worse. I wasn't in a good frame of mind to consider all my options at the time I resigned, and didn't consult with anyone on this.

No, and you should have .. just in case you were eligible for FMLA, but you did talk to the owners who asked you to quit and in exchange for a severance.

You should at least, if you have not already, file a claim .. because I see possibilities.

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