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Can I collect unemployment if I quit my next to last job and was laid off from the current one?

I have a question relating to a possible (hopeful)unemployment claim. I quit a job located in the state of Nevada(I have lived here for 31 years), partly because of personnel reasons relating to having problems with another person I work with. He cussed me out and I took it to Human Resources and my supervisor and director and I was informed that I couldn't move to another shift, there was no vacancies, so it's either work or not (I got the feeling). Anyway I was a Surveillance Agent in a casino here in Las vegas and I was wondering that since I quit that job I moved to TX to get employment working for my mother-in-law, doing various jobs around her place and the best part is being closer to my family. Anyway my mother-in-law said she couldn't pay me anymore and (I guess) she had to lay me off? Can I still file for unemployment in the state of Nevada because my longest employment was there? in Surveillance from 2007 to 2010.


You can try, although I seriously, doubt that the work you did for your mother-in-law is "covered employment" so wouldn't serve to purge any disqualification for quitting you might have received in Nevada. Covered employment is employment that an employer pays UI taxes on.

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