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by Laura
(Aurora, IL)

I have been working for a company for 5 weeks that has no employment manual in force. The manager has been getting complaints from the state from previous employees for not paying vacation pay on dismissal.

As a result, he drafted up a release saying I must sign this paper stating I have a 90 day probation period and if let go in that time, I relinquish all rights to seeking and filing for unemployment.

This is coming after the fac,I have no written offer letter. and no employee manual was given to me or seems to be around.

If I refuse to sign and he lets me go because of it, can I collect unemployment.

Thank you.

Hi Laura,

Make a copy of that wavier. My gut instinct ia to tell you not to sign the wavier and then..... well, never mind .. I don't want you to get fired for insubordination.

An employer cannot prohibit you from filing for unemployment. I'd make a call to the Illinois Labor Department and ask them if what your employer is asking you to do is LEGAL. Do not sign that until you have spokent with them.

Illinois Department of Labor.

I would really like you to come back and let everyone know what you learn.

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