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Can I collect unemployment if I'm fired for not being able to find a babysitter - California

by Anonymous

I live in california and have worked for a company for two years . for the first year i worked 12 hrs every sat and 8 hrs sundays now i work tuesday thru sunday 8 hrs on sunday with no break or lunch as I'm the only one in the office. I was told when they hired me that after a yr and they hired new people I would no longer have to work weekends. but two yrsw later I am still working sundays. I have given birth to a baby 7 months ago and working sunday hasnt always been easy to get a baby sitter, but lucky for me my sister has been able to do it. but now she is working full time monday thru friday and she lives an hour and a half away and it is not convienant for her anymore to do it. I told my boss that i could still work sundays till the 24th of may but after that I no longer can, and they have two girls that were hired after me. I'm there only emplyee who has a child, and have done what i can. but they tell me that its my problem not there's to work it out somehow. I have no intentions of quitting even if they have to cut my hrs I understand but can they fire me and i still draw unemployment.

Hi Anonymous,

I'm going to direct you to 3 parts of the CA unemployment eligibility guide.

AA 155 Domestic Circumstances.

SW 155 Suitable work and Domestic Circumstances


The discussions on these pages should help you to understand the potential problems that may arise in your situation as well as inform you about steps you must take and preferably be able to prove.

I'd address the fact that the employer told you upon hire you eventually would not need to work weekends, but you would also need to be able to prove it, plus prove you made efforts to first correct that situation .. not easy to do after this length of time.

Having children does not give you any special privileges as an employee .. you will need to make a substantial effort to find childcare replacement.

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