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Can I collect unemployment if my manager is breaking the company policy on reminders?

by A.R.
(Aventura, FL)

I currently work for this xyz department store. They have this score system in wich you win or lose points depending on how many credit cards you opened, how many clients you have in your book, how often do this customers come back to see you and only you (Wich is ridiculous!! This is retail!!!)... And also includes attendance and half of it is based on subjective *** like how eager you are to approach customers, and if you are a good team worker or not. If you go below average, the company policy is giving you a first and a second reminder (each one of them for a complete quarter) and finally a 30 days notice of termination.

OK, the reviews are supossed to be each quarter (3 months). The first quarter I scored average. For the second quarter, I scored average (but my manager told me she had to manipulate the numbers to keep me there... whatever!!) And for the third one I had serious problems and had to call out a few times. Ok, because of this my score went down 15 points making my score below average. Fine. I have no objection.

What is not fair, is that my manager did this review very late (at three weeks to end the next quarter) and put me on a reminder (wich is suposed to be for three months so you can have time to improve). I told her I don't even have the whole 3 weeks because I am leaving on vacation
for ten days, then she ironically said "I know".

The point here is that for perfect attendance you wont get any points, you only lose 15 points if you fail. So I have to make my score go above average based on the other ***.

A very important thing to say is that she said that if I don't improve by the end of the quarter (july 31st) she is not giving me a second reminder (as the company policy says) but instead a 30 days notice.

I have been trying to improve my numbers like crazy, but they are manipulating them. For example, the other day my afiliated sales were 47% (the goal is 20%) and in the report they said my affiliated s. were 0%. They just want to fire me. I came to my boss with the right numbers and she didn't pay attention to me.

Now, I am scared they are going to fire me over the phone during my vacation (they did that to a friend).

Can I collect unemployment? Because I know sooner or later they are going to fire me.
I live in florida.


You know, I've written some very basic stuff about how to protect yourself.

And since this site is primarily exclusive to unemployment benefits .. and my occasional rants about what it means to be an at will employee .. when I say protect yourself .. I mean in the event you need to collect unemployment benefits.

Documenting .. employers do it and so should employees.

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