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Can I collect unemployment If the job I quit my previose job for has turned out not so good?

by Cindy

I quit my job to take what I thought would be a job with more flexible hours for me and better employment but not 2 weeks into this job my new boss has switched my hours and assignments because i am the new hire and has basically said take it or leave! If I quit this job can i collect in minnesota under the provision of not suitable employment or a change not under my original offer? I feel I was totally mislead by the job offer and being a single mom I can no way do these hours! My new boss does not care about my problem! Now I cannot afford just to quit and i cannot get my old job back!


Hi C.G.

I see some problems. First you quit a job for more flexible hours only and secondly, you haven't worked long enough at the new job to purge the disqualification for a voluntary quit.

Thirdly, I'd like to know if the employer put it in writing about the hours. In other words, how will you prove the employer misrepresented the hours to you?

What are these hours you can't work? To collect unemployment you must be able and available for work. If you restrict your hours to severely you have an A&A issue to contend with.

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