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Can I collect Unemployment in CA if my employer did not pay us on time?

by amy

I work in California and my employer continually pays us late or post dates our paychecks.

Last week he told us the checks would be late and he didn't know when we would get paid.
I didn't come to work and explained in email that i can't work for free and need money to pay childcare and gas, bills.
I filed for unemployment.
Does this qualify me?

Hi Amy,

Gather up your documents. Anything that proves the employer is/was guilty of unpaid wages, in case the state ask for something to prove what you're going to tell them.

We are not expected to work for free and if an employer does not pay us we will get unemployment, but there are some conditions.

Read number 4 and 7 as my basic advice is to file a wage complaint to see if this resolves the problem as an effort made in an attempt to preserve your job .. and get paid.

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