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Can I collect unemployment in California if my job title description change without my consent

by Michael
(San Jose, CA)

I was hired as a Technical Support. My employer lay-off

the system admin in our company. Since then my employer
asking me to do System Admin/HelpDesk/WebDeveloper/Programmer task. Even though i tried to meet the demands
i was not successful in my endeavors. Ive requested in my self-assessment to send me to courses and give me the necesary tools to succeed due to lack of experience and knowledge. However, my employer does not want to par-take or assist me. If they fire me can i collect unemployment insurance. I am really stress out. Ive been written up and under probation.

Hi Michael,

Just make sure to document the requests for assistance and training and again on the performance reviews.

Misconduct does not include an inability to do a job due to lack of knowledge or skills required to do the job .. especially if you can prove that the employer knew you didn't have the skills and refused your requests for training to acquire the needed skills.

Please tell me you understand the need to document so you can provide it to the EDD to prove the truth of the situation.

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