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can I collect unemployment in Connecticut for Job abandonment

by Anonymous

Can I collect unemployment in Connecticut for Job abandonment?

I never told my boss that I quit. The winter had just started and I missed a day and they were suppose to call me to tell me when the next work was because we were only working when it snowed. They never called and when I called them they told me that they thought I quit and there was nothing they could do about it.

Hi Anonymous,

The employer assumed you quit by job abandonment...and in most states if an employee doesn't call for 2-3 days that will be enough to prove they quit, but because you live in Connecticut I cannot tell you that there isn't any chance.

Connecticut has many weird rules about attendance. And it will depend on the length of time that passed before you called the employer and what you mentioned about the established procedures for being notified to come to work.

See this page. CT unemployment laws often make CT employers cringe when they hear the words .. You have a hearing coming up for...

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