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can I collect unemployment in Connecticut if my pension is over $3000 a month

by Paul

Can I collect Connecticut unemployment?

I was downsized in 2008 and found a factory job until March 2009. My pension is over $3000 a month or about $750 gross pay a week which is over the $537 I would be eligible in weekly unemployment. I was under the impression that I was not eligible to collect but others having similar pension have said they can collect
Who is right.

Hi Paul,

When it comes to pensions, and other types of retirement account pay .. it is has to do with what the state's rules are.

The primary question is whether the pension is from a "base period employer" and many states also take into consideration what you have contributed to an account.

In other words Paul .. If you should be entitles to unemployment benefits .. don't let a pension payment stop you from applying because you might find out that you are still entitled to a smaller amount each week.

In the long run it could actually extend the length of time it takes to use up all your benefits. Normally, when receiving full benefits .. it only last for 26 weeks.

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