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Can I collect unemployment in Florida for not showing up for work

by Kelley
(Venice Florida)

On December 31 2008,I was fired from my job as a server for not showing up for a shift. I had checked my schedule online and I was almost positive I had this day off, but I didn't. I did not receive a call letting me know that I had missed my shift, or I would've been there.

The next day I went online, and saw that I was off schedule. When I talked to my manager, they let me know that since I missed my shift I was fired.

I would like to know if this situation is an eligible reason to file for unemployment.

Hi Kelley,

Anyone can file a claim for unemployment if they have lost a job, but to be eligible when you're fired depends on what happened.

Did you have any other instances of no call / no show?

Had you ever received a written warning for this?

And what do you mean by "I had checked my schedule online and I was almost positive I had this day off, but I didn't."

Almost positive?

It is never the responsibility of an employer to call an employee and ask if they are coming into work. It is our responsibility as employees to show up for work on time when we are scheduled to work and if we can't make it to call the employer and let them know.

If the schedule was online, they will be able to provide a hard copy to the state. The big question is was this the only occurrence of an attendance issue of this type.

If this was a one time might get unemployment, but I'd bet if you do get benefits....the employer will appeal. And if this happens, be sure to show up for the hearing.


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