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Can I collect unemployment in Florida if my only mode of transportation breaks down?

by Harry
(Green Cove Springs, Florida)

I live in a county where there is no public transportation, and taking a cab would be too expensive. I live in Clay County florida, and work in Duval County Florida about 35 miles one way to my job, and 35 miles home. My car has broke down, and no one lives close enough to give me a ride to and from that distance. I can find work in my county, and get a ride there but asking someone to take me that 35 mile distance would be impossible. If I quit for this reason, can I collect unemployment?

Hi Harry,

I doubt it. You must .. I repeat. Must make efforts to preserve the employment.

And then if you are able to prove that you made these efforts .. you MIGHT be able to get unemployment if you are fired.

Here's the thing Harry. As employees our main duty to the employer is to get to work on time and work while we are there.

The state is going to want to know why you didn't get your vehicle fixed. Mind you financial hardship alone is not good cause to quit.

So whether it would be impossible for someone to take you to work .. you at the very minimum need to be able to prove that you exhausted all alternatives to find a way to work while your vehicle is being repaired .. in case you are fired.

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