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can I collect unemployment in PA after experiencing anxiety/panic due to work

Was ill-they couldn't find out what was wrong-went to ER-given 3 day suspension due to missing work-started experiencing panic/anxiety attacks-needed to go on xanax, get therapy, crisis visit, went to a partial hospitalization-can't cope anymore at this position-talked to HR-would be willing to do something else there-nothing available they want me to go on short term-can't afford to-can I go on unemployment

What do you mean .. they want you to go on short-term .. can't afford it?

Do you have medical documentation recommending that you quit this job? Does the employer have a job that would be suitable for your condition???

Quitting for personally compelling reasons in PA requires that a claimant make all reasonable attempts to preserve the employment.

I think you need to actually talk to someone.

You clearly sound distraught and your entire story makes me think you may need professional legal help ..

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