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Can I collect unemployment in Pennsylvania if laid off from a part-time job while receiving social securtiy ( The resource cited provides the information for any state.)

by Anonymous
(Phila Pa)

If I am collecting social security and get laid off from a part time job, am I eligible for unemployment compensation?

Hi Anonymous,

Yes, you are eligible for unemployment if you meet all the monetary requirements. You must also be able and available for further work.

Click 2009, then Nonmonetary and go to table 5-10 for a list of states that have part-time worker provisions. You will also find the effect of social security payments on unemployment benefits in Table-5-17. (Pennsylvania does not reduce unemployment benefits due to receipt of Social Security.

If you click Monetary Eligibility on the page linked to above and go to Table 3-3 you will find the minimum amount of wages needed in Pennsylvania for unemployment benefits.

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