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Can i collect unemployment is i have been fired for failure to follow company policies?

by katie
(gadsden, al)

I had worked at sears for almost a year in the electronics department. I had high numbers and was the only girl that worked there. There was a lady that had worked at sears for 30 years and needed me to ring her up for a product we sell, but it was for another guy that worked with me that wasn't there. So i went ahead and rung her up for him. we were price matching this product so i took all the steps i needed for that and retained a copy of the other persons price. but when i was finishing the sale i used her discount card not thinking anything about it, it was a mistake that might have given her about 6 extra dollars off her sale, i put it under the number of the other employ because it was his sale. right after that they talked to me about it and i told them i didnt mean to but never got wrote up , but about a month later they fired me for it and wrote the other lady up.. i filed for unemplyment 5 weeks ago and still havent heard anything from them..

Hi Katie,

There was a month in between the discount policy violation and the termination? And the lady got a write up and you got fired??? Why such a long time in between??????

Did you have other write-ups for other rule violations?

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