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can i collect unemployment

by becca

can i collect unemployment i have been at this private co (with a cvg in it)correctional facility, for 2 yrs. I'm now suspended without pay during a investigation which entails my prescription medication that my rank was aware of and when i started. Now their trying to say i violated policy when i didnt because i notified them. thanks for the help

Hi Becca,
Well, I'm actually very familiar with the private company that has cvg included in their name.

But I can't help you because I don't have enough detail to even begin .. and if I were to help .. it would be through a consultation since you're asking about your specific case.

I do know what I would ask you about though. I think it would be relevant to find out why they suspended you and initiated an investigation and even how long you have been suspended.

Oh, and what the prescription drug was and how you notified them that you were taking it .. so you know how to prove that fact .. therefore .. no misconduct.

These are rhetorical statements .. no need to answer here.

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