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Can I collect unemplyment If I quit a job take take this excellent other job that just fell through

(waconia, MN)

I have been working for the past 5 years at this job and have had some health problems so I have talked to my boss several times to see If I could work evenings, or split or flexible shifts for a short time while I am going through a rough health issue. she had me talk to H.R and the only thing she could offer me Is a FML ( I have a Dr note too) I conteplated It when I got this awesome offer at a desk job,flex hours and closer to home so I quit! Well this new position when I called him to say I quit He said he was soooo sorry but due to unforeseen circumstances in his own company he cannot hire me now! He says he feels very bad but his wife just lost her job and he needs to put her in my position. He did say he would write a letter that he did have every intention a month ago to hire me. I immediately called my old job and she said she filled my position already (IN one day?! I think she was happy to be rid of me!) I am able to work doing most anything! please help me with any advice, you really helped out my friend!

Hi Joel,

Are you in Minnesota??

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May 06, 2009
Minnesota's unemployment statute for quitting a job.
by: Chris - webmaster:)

Hi Joel,

I googled Waconia and Minnesota is what came up .. so I'm going with it.

First I went to the

I found two provisions that might be of use to you. These are exceptions to the disqualification.

(2) the applicant quit the employment to accept other covered employment that provided substantially better terms and conditions of employment, but the applicant did not work long enough at the second employment to have sufficient subsequent earnings to satisfy the period of ineligibility that would otherwise be imposed under subdivision 10 for quitting the first employment;

(7) the applicant quit the employment because the applicant's serious illness or injury made it medically necessary that the applicant quit, provided that the applicant inform the employer of the serious illness or injury and request accommodation and no reasonable accommodation is made available.

In most states if the statute allows for a quit for a better job and the job falls through, you would need to prove you had a firm offer of work and since the fellow is sorry and is offering this that may work, but I actually think if you are going through a serious illness and you have a doctors note and you made request of the employer to accommodate you and they refused, that will only beef up your position.

Apr 12, 2010
by: Anonymous

I quit my job,after 5 years, to go to a better paying job that offered benefits. The better paying job ended up "not having any hours available" so I filed for unemployment until I can find work. I was denied unemployment because I had no working/paid hours at my new job. I'm sorry, but this makes no sense to me. I was reassured a full-time schedule and even checked with them before I put in my two weeks notice to make sure I wasn't making a wrong decision to quit. How is this my fault that I am now unemployed??


What state are we talking about?

Apr 27, 2010
quit for health reasons, found new job ended up with the flu
by: Anonymous


I recently quit my (Florida) of 6 years because of stress/anxiety. back in 2007, I had got promoted to another position. During that time in the new position, my co=workers and I used a system to approve payroll. We didn't have access under our own log in id's so we were told to use other peoples passwords. I immediately told my boss and she basically said that there's nothing that could be done. Well, in the meantime, some of my co-workers were looking at other peoples pay etc and rumors were starting to spread. I went to HR with the matter, in the meantime, they eliminated all the positions and HR assured me that this matter has been cared for (I ended up on STD leave for stress).

I then took an entry level position to keep my job and money coming in. I had to go out on leave again due to panic/anxiety disorder. I stuck it out for another 3 years while applying for many other jobs and going on on pretty much continuous leave for stress. I got counseling, contacted EAP etc. I finally got to where I couldn't do the job any longer. Then, luckily, I got a job offer BUT in the middle of my 3rd week in training I got very sick with the flu. I basically quit the new job as well. The conditions were terrible and the manager there reqested my medical records. I told her I have a note excusing me but she said it wasn't good enough so I quit.

Do I have a chance of getting unemployement? I'm confused on what to do.

Thanks so much for your information!

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