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can I continue getting benefits if I go back to school in texas?

by christina
(katy, texas)

I have been unemployed 3 monthes now. I want to attend a community college (if eligible for grants). I dont want to lose unemployment benefits as it is the only source of income till I find work. I am single with 2 small kids. If I am able to get grants for school, will that need to be reported as income?

Hi Christina,

It depends .. If you attend school the only way to do this and collect unemployment is for "state approved training" this is done through a states unemployment department. The same one you are required to register for work through. The state is the only one who can let you know what is "approved". One of the programs they offer is WIA (Workforce Investment Act). I know they have grants available, but I'm not sure if programs such as FASFA are included.

Texas does not immediately disqualify you because you are attending school which is not "state approved", but you still must be able and available for work and looking for it. And you must be willing to quit school if suitable work is offered.

So, although I cannot give you a definitive answer, I do know you must be careful.

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Sep 07, 2009
Availablity for work
by: Anonymous

if i am currently searching for work during the hours of four am to six pm and attending night school fron seven pm to ten pm will that hurt my benefits?

Texas Unemployment Precedent Manual. (Opens in new window)

You'll find the precedent manual under "resources" bottom right of the page.

I think you might want to read decisions which deal with availability for work while attending school.

Aug 31, 2009
Texas unemployment benefits while attending college
by: Anonymous

WARNING!!!!!!!!!!! If you go to college on your own and not through Workforce training they will put a hold on your payments while it is being reviewed. We were told it could take 3 to 6 weeks for them to review our claim. First person at unemployment office told us there would be no problem with payment going back to school on our own. All we had to do is call this 800 # and report going to school and everything would be fine. That wasn't the case. They think that if you go to school you have no time for work searches and if you were offered a full time job you would not be able to accept the job because of the time the schooling takes. However the Unemployment agency offers schooling and if you take it through them you still get your checks like normal. Go figure. So now we have to figure out how to feed and house our family......The system if flawed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi Anonymous,

Thanks for stopping by and letting other Texas residents know this ..

The entire system is flawed when it comes to school while collecting benefits. It's not just Texas, but every state. Everyone needs to be very careful .. after they start receiving benefits .. not only regarding school, but accepting and refusing new work.

Approval for continuing benefits can be loaded with pitfalls.

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