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Can I draw unemployment if I'm fired for not learning the job quick enough? CA.

I have started a permament part time job in a busy eight doctor office at the front desk registration. I have only been there 2 weeks and just a half day actually registering patients. My manager told the full time girls to not assist me and to let me do it on my own. I was a nervous wreck because she had spoken with me earlier in the day about four or five mistakes I had made the first week and then that afternoon she puts me at the front desk telling the other girls to not help me. I feel that I'm not adequately trained and any mistakes will be used to fire me. Will I be able to draw unemployement if they say Im not performing...

Discouraged in CA....


It's very likely you will. Misconduct is not inability. Remember these words: I did the job to the best of my ability.

Just to be on the safe side .. I'd talk to her about providing adequate training.

Did you have any similar experience beforehand that the employer may have used to base their hiring decision on? There could be a problem if you overstated your qualifications ..

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Jun 06, 2009
Inadequate Training
by: Ruthie

Thank you for commenting on my issue...

I am doing the best I can based on the "training" being given. As far as overstating my qualifications, I certainly did not and the office manager that interviewed me was not professional at all in the interview even with my resume in her hand, she ask very little about my work experience but talked more about her personal interests out side the office. I had six years work history in a medical type office setting but the pace was not as hetic and the software and SOP's were total different. I just feel that this new job is "TOO" busy to adequate train before expecting me to perform the job without mistakes...Too bad because my work ethic is honest and hard working and I love people and have great customer service skills...It will be their loss if they do not give me enough time to become comfortable with the software and pace.



Hi Ruthie,

If I were you I'd keep a journal so you can note any significant events or conversations.

When I hear from someone that the employer was "unprofessional" it raises a red flag for me as to exactly how far they may take that kind of behavior.

It's all about protecting yourself in case of problems. There is no reason an employee cannot keep their own file, just as an employer does .. for use down the road.

Employment requires preventative maintenance.

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