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Can I file for unemployment benefits in Florida if I have not been formally fired from a job, but have not been given shifts to work from my present employer?

(Tampa, FL, USA)

I've been working as a waiter/bartender at a country club, whose name i'll keep confidential, for the past year and a half in Tampa, Florida. I'm guessing due to the lack of business lately, the country club has downsized its daily wait staff, and as a result has much fewer shifts available to current employees.

I acquired a lengthy bacterial infection recently, back in late September of 2009, and called out for a total of 6 shifts. When I was able to come back to work, I was told to stay at home an extra day to ensure my infection was completely gone. I called the following day to inquire about my next week's work schedule and found out that I was not scheduled for the entire week!

I then find out that the availability of shifts had been been lowered significantly in my absence. I returned to work the following week, finding I had been scheduled only 2 days that week! The next 2 weeks, I was only scheduled a total of 3 days! Then, this week starting 10/26/09, I again am not scheduled to work the entire week! According to my supervisor, the lack of available shifts was affecting everybody but I find that hard to believe since only part-time seemed to be affected.

My main question is whether or not I am able to collect unemployment benefits if I quit or continue to be not scheduled for work at said country club?


I don't think I'd quit, but I would definitely file for "partial unemployment benefits dues to the reduction in hours .. I don't know for sure what the results will be because I don't have the details .. but it's certainly worth a try.

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