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can i file for unemployment during my medial pregnancy leave?

(new york unemployment)

i have been put on bed rest by my doctor. i am pregnant with twins and really cannot work anymore due to work stress and contractions. i know that i can quality for disability but i was told that i can also file for unemployment until i return back to work after my leave is over. i will be getting paid 6 weeks maternity leave, but it looks now that i will be out of work for 18 weeks. 6 weeks till birth, 6 weeks paid maternity leave, 6 weeks after that. i really want to spend my 3 months with my twins. i am a single mother with just one income taking care of my soon to be family.

can i take unemployment during my medical pregnancy leave until i get back to work?

One of the basic conditions to collect regular unemployment benefits is you must be able and available for work.

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