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Can I file for unemployment if I was fired for violation of the company's technology policy?

by Janie
(Jacksonville, NC)

I was fired because I used the company email to respond to a thank you from an employee that was transferred from our office to another office. It was also stated that my management skills did not meet the company standard. I had be spoken to regarding turning in manger reports on time and keeping our attendace log updated in Sep 09 since being spoken to about this concern I had not been late again. I was then written up for Inappropriate conduct in the workplace on 6 April, which I did not sign becuase I did not agree with the write up as it was becuase I was speding too much time with a coworker (another manager) during my lunch and breaks. I was let go on 13 Apr 10 due to the email I sent out which I replied to all when I meant to only reply to the other employee.

Thank you,

Yes Janie, you can file for unemployment.


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