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Can i file for unemployment in california i been working for 6 months? (This is about having enough wages in a base period to qualify)

by Omar
(California )

i started working at this company with a temp agency since december 08 and got hired in with the company in march 09 can i file for unemployment? there laying people off its too slow. before that i had been working with the agency for a couple of months with different jobs they ASSIGN ME to. do i qualify?

Hi Omar,

If the employer lays you off .. your question is a monetary eligibility question.

You'll find the resource for the answer on this page.

Since we have just started a new quarter (7-1 through 9-30) Your base period will be 4-1-08 through 3-31-09 if you file anytime in the current quarter.

Most states require that you have at least wages in two quarter of your base period to qualify .. California is a bit different with a minimum of 1300 dollars in your highest earning quarter and alternatively a two quarter amount if you don't have that.

I'm pretty sure you'll at least meet the minimum requirement.

If you're interested you can calculate the weekly benefit amount with that same chartbook linked to on the page above.

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