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Can I file unemployment if im fired because I can't have the time I need off for a home church

by annie

I asked for 3 hours a week off for a home church im going to on friday nights (im just out of highschool starting college) and my boss refuses to give me the time off on friday. I don't know specifically why but there is a bunch of rumors going around that they want to get rid of me because i make a dollar more an hour than everyone else and they are hurting. But they wont say that, and they want to fire me but are putting me in a situation where I have to quit (because I need this time off consecutively). There are people that could work for me, but they keep lying and making excuses that those people can't work for me so I have to either a.not go to church (which I value very highly and have to attend) or b.quit.

Can I file unemployment? Is this considered firing?

Hi Annie,

Well you have touched on a subject which might possibly make you a part of a protected class .. religion, but I'm having serious doubts as to whether it will carry the day as far as good cause for quitting.

Is Friday night your sabbath? The rest is irrelevant.

If you refuse to work .. it's a quit and I suggest you look at the MI Adjudication Digest to see if you can find some similar cases and see what the decision was.

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