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Can I get denied unemployment in MA ? read on this is good

by patrick

I have been with the company 4 yrs never had complaints and very rarely called out. Recently I had two customer complaints and was fired.

A few weeks before I was fired I was released from the hospital and diagnosed with manic bipolar.

I never knew I had this and have been living with it all this time. The company gave me 2 weeks off because I was not acting myself I had some sort of break down. In that time frame I was hospitalized.

Upon my 1st week back to work on my meds which take some time to begin working properly, I was fired for customer complaints.I feel like I was not dealt with properly and was not given a fair chance. I have always been a good employee I just went through a bad time.

I have 6 children and needed unemployment and the company denied my claim.

Hi Patrick,

The company didn't deny your claim. The state of Massachusetts denied unemployment.

And of course you can be denied .. most people are. Although the statistics say MA has a recipiency rate of around 50 percent .. that 15 percent higher than the nation as a whole.

So the question shouldn't can I be denied.

The questions are why were you denied and is there anything you can do about it.

In other words do you have information, documents, testimony from others, etc. that can be used to reverse the determination at an unemployment hearing?

Among some other interesting things that make customer complaints a more difficult thing to prove misconduct for as far as an employer is concerned.


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