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Can I get fired from a hospital for accidentally sending patient information to an incorrect fax number?

by Linda

I work in a records office at a hospital. Six months ago I accidentally transposed the phone number (533 to 532) on our fax machine to send out a medical ER report. Today my boss said that the person that received the incorrect fax has filed a lawsuit against the hospital for sending out confidential information to her fax machine. My supervisor said that I may be fired if the hospital has a lawsuit over this situation.

I have been a model employee the entire time I've worked here, and can't understand how I could be fired for something that was accidentally done. I get the feeling that I am taking the fall to apease the head office......if I get fired for this, am I at least entitled to unemployment? Thanks for your time....LG

Yes, they can fire you, but as far as unemployment goes .. it does not mean you wouldn't get unemployment benefits if the discharge is for a good faith error made six months ago.

I think you should talk to an attorney though and now .. an attorney may be of a lot of help to someone in your situation when it comes to the terms you leave on and with what you might leave with if the employer insists on ending the employment relationship.

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