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Can I get partial unemployment if I take a part-time job? I live in California.

by Stephanie

I worked a full-time job when I was laid off. On my unemployment form it says that I am to look for a full-time job. I found a part-time job. Does this mean that I will receive some wage from unemployment while I work this job? I have tried to call EDD but I just keep getting incompetent representatives. They tell me to call back and to HOPE to get a representative that can access the system to answer my question. It would be great if I can get an answer here. Thank You

Hi Stephanie,

No problem, I explain partial unemployment benefits all the time.

If you take the job and continue to file claims and report your earning from the part time job, California will disregard the first $25 or 25 percent of your earnings (whichever is greater) and then reduce your weekly benefit amount dollar for dollar of the remaining earnings.

If after they disregard the 25 percent and you have earned less than your WBA, you'll get a benefit which when added to your adjusted earnings will equal your WBA.

You wouldn't get any unemployment benefits if your part-time earnings exceed your weekly benefit amount, but because they disregard 25 percent there is the potential to earn at least that much more per week.

Just keep filing the continued claims .. even if you earned too much .. you never know if the part-time gig will last and you don't want to miss an extension and then have to have a new claim with a new base period, which would be computed on part-time wages. You won't lose any money you were found eligible for .. it will just last longer with the part-time job.

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Apr 15, 2012
What you don't know
by: Anonymous

1. If you accept a part-time job and it doesn't work out, you can't quit with out losing your benefits. Even though you did not have to take this job in the first place, once you take it your stuck with it.
2. Once you take a new job, your new employer becomes responsible for paying your unemployment. They might not like this, and try to force you to work more or work harder because you are now an extra cost for them. And, you might end up having to quit do to mistreatment, like me, and lose all of your benefits when all you wanted to do was feel like you were trying. Don't do it.

Good victim oriented point .. even if that's not quite how unemployment works.

Good cause to quit can be found because of being mistreated. However, the cause must rise to a level that it would cause any reasonable person to first try to correct and thereby preserve their job. Generally speaking, this may take nerves of steel.

Also, the charging of benefits is it's own separate and equally misunderstood subject ..

But being charged for a former employees benefits even if it's usually only a future possibility is a strong motivator to fight unemployment claims.

If there is unemployment discrimination being practiced by employers .. I think you can blame the charging provisions of UI laws as the culprit.

Dec 01, 2010
UI Benefit Effect of quitting a part-time job before finding a full-time position?
by: Anonymous

I'm currently receiving unemployment as I was laid off from my full-time job 3 months ago. I'm trying to get this part-time job, and am curious what the ramifications are if I quit the job before finding another full-time job? Will I go back to receiving my full unemployment benefit? Or does something else happen b/c I have voluntarily ended my part-time employment?


Something else happens.

Regardless of which employment is the reason for filing and then getting benefits, other jobs you work at after filing the claim control whether you will be able to continue to collect benefits.

You need to be careful because some states are slow to resolve or don't resolve an issue of quitting "subsequent employment" until that employer becomes part a base period of another benefit year.

It is when this happens that I get questions from people because they have received a determination denying benefits along with an overpayment notice for benefits from the date of the voluntary quit of a part-time job .. or a full-time job .. it doesn't matter.

Some of them are shocked to find the overpayment is for thousands of dollars .. considering extension benefits .. I'm not surprised at how large overpayments are becoming.

If you take a job and decide to voluntarily quit and expect to go back and continue collecting benefits .. you had better of quit that LAST job with "good cause" per the unemployment laws.

May 25, 2010
Will this affect eligibility for a new Tier?
by: Jeff

Thanks for the informative reply. I am worried that by taking a part time job, I will push back the date on which I exhaust all the benefits on my current Tier. I know that one criteria for the next Tier is that you must have exhausted all of your benefits from the previous Tier by a certain deadline. If I push back the date I exhaust my benefits past the deadline by taking a part time job, will it jeopardize my eligibility for the next Tier?

Thanks again,

Oh Jeff, that's a good point, but one I'm sure the unemployment department is hoping most people just ignore .. You could probably come close to calculating whether you will exhaust them in time or not if you take a look at your states formula for partial unemployment benefits and have some idea of what you will be making per week .. gross wages.

See Table 3-8 in the Monetary Entitlement chartbook

May 12, 2010
partial unemployment in Modesto, Ca
by: Anonymous

I am so glad someone asked this question. I am in the same predicament and I also live in Modesto. I will be making far less at my new part time job than I do on unemployment. I am having a hard time surviving on unemployment and was so worried on how difficult it would be to survive with my new job. I am glad that unemployment will make up the difference.

Mar 20, 2010
by: evision


Negative .. if you want to talk to me about links you would have to email me first and then I would decide if it was appropriate.

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