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Can I get partial unemployment? or would it be best to quit?

by Tasha
(Melbourne, Fl)

I have been at my job for almost 5 years now. I have gone through alot of nonsense with my job including my boss bouncing 4 paychecks which one resulted in her not paying me in full for 4 months and cause my credit score to plummet from almost 600 to the low 300's cause I was unable to pay bills that required my bank account and my bank account was negative for months. I had to take money from each check trying to get it in the positive.

Then there's the harassment of bill collectors from her cause she doesn't pay them and them giving me hell cause they can't reach her. She has lied about mailing money to so many people and ironically they all vanished in the mail. I could just go on with all that I've been through. As of right now she has cut my hours horribly and im only working 5.5 hours a day and I drive an hour to and from work between the gas and all the wear and tear on my vehicle im about making no money. I have no benefits and do not get compensated for all the gas im wasting and now I have 1k in vehicle repairs that I cannot afford.

She has run the place into the ground but for some reason won't close the store down even though shes over a year behind on the rent yet they haven't evicted her. Problems have been ongoing for several years now. I even was verbally promised a raise and $3,000.00 bonus which I never got. Like I said I have a long list of crazy stuff that has been going on but I've made this long enough. So do you think I'd be eligible for unemployment if I quit? I can at least show proof of the big dip in pay or should I file and can I be approved for a partial unemployment?

Hi Tasha,

Let's clarify something just for me .. please.

You have been reduced from how many hours a day to 5.5 at present?

And then let me know how long you have been working only 5.5 hours a day .. it's relevant as far as the possibility for good cause for unemployment benefits is concerned.

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