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Can I get umployment if I quit?


I work at a small daycare that is owned by a husband and wife. I have worked there since Nov. 27 2008. I have been putting up with lies from the employer and a bunch of drama. I can handle all that. What set me off was my female employer brought me in a another room to talk to me and she had yelled at me for calling her husband Bri instead of brian....I have been calling him this since I started and before due to my children were enrolled in her daycare before I started working there. I also shorten her name. As she was yelling at me she asked me wat is all this bri stuff...I had asked her wat do you mean and she said wat is he your boyfriend or something...I didnt reply at all...I was shocked that she would even say that and hurt. She also said that I could not talk to her husband at work at all not even to ask for classroom supplies. Since then she sends her husband in my room to cover my breaks and to ask me questions for her. I am now uncomfortable with him because of the comments she made. I feel it is harrassment on her part. Dont know where to go with that part. But I know I want to leave there. Since then another employee has told me that the female employer has told her that I think her husband

is going to leave her for me and take care of my children. I have no interest in this guy and never have. Also I was out on a sick day on mon. and the dr. released me back to work on tues. My employer keeps telling me that she doesnt want me back there yet and it is now thurs...this is unpaid and I am ready and willing to go back to work. I think she is doing this out of spite. So I guess with the situation above...I am asking can I quit and get unemployment. Also wat would I need to prove the situation happened?


This is entirely to personal to address in public as are most circumstances when someone wants specific information from me about only there situation.

I will say this .. quitting must be attributable to the work and if she is not allowing you to come back to work you need to ask her if she has fired you based upon her "personal suspicions".

You need to stay above the personal hurt you are feeling and keep your questions and communications with the employer professional.

Your communications should be documented, I suggest email.

Be careful because the usual burden of proof when quitting will be yours and yours alone.

You also have a need to document because it is also very likely that you are being fired and that must be for misconduct connected with the work.

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