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Can I get unemloyment if I called in 2 weeks now for daughter illness

by Ivette
(Ozone Park NY)

My daughter is ill 17 with depression and in and out of

hosp since Dec./09 I havent taken time off untill now for 2 weeks now I've called every week and spoke to supervisor that i needed another week and plan to call today for the 3rd week this is my vacation time.

My daughter will be hospitialized today and I need to be involve with her we will have counselor 2x aweek so can I take a leave of absent for a year and collect unemplyment im a single parent.


If FMLA is available to you .. you need to request it. If it is not you will need to request a personal leave of absence if your attendance becomes the issue.

I also suggest that when there is no paid time off available anymore .. you are certain to adhere to the call off procedure expected by the employer.

And no, you cannot collect unemployment while you are still employed or receiving vacation pay.

You have to be unemployed through no fault of your own to collect unemployment.

If you are fired you would have been wise to have documented every communication with the employer.

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